Astoria Vibe

NOIR and TRANS1 demonstrate the potential of intermixing two very different styles into an explosive yet coherent graffiti masterpiece. Their unique techniques have been shaped by the streets and speak directly to them. NOIR is colorful, TRANS1 works with shades of gray. They are opposites that artfully complement, challenge and enhance each other. We got a chance to speak with NOIR:

How did you meet each other and what made you start working together?

NOIR: “I came across TRANS 1’s work on line on Flickr. I was very impressed with the monochrome images he produced and was eager to collaborate with him on a few projects. After meeting up with him we realized that our styles complimented one another and our friendship began.”

What do you bring to the collab and what does TRANS1 bring that makes it work well?

NOIR: “I bring the letter form and the brightness to our work. TRANS 1 uses grays and I like to bring a full color range to blast the wall and tantalize our audiences. TRANS 1 brings the technical and figurative side with his faces and I bring the funk.”

How do you feel your own work is affected when you collaborate with TRANS1?

NOIR: “I’m at ease when I paint with TRANS1. We’re like brothers so we don’t need to say anything to each other when we create our art. We look at each and just know what’s expected of us. There’s no instruction or discussion, we just create.”

What is this particular mural about?

NOIR: “The Welling Court Mural Project wall was designed for the good people of Astoria, Queens. You can feel the vibe on the streets but also the strain of everyday life. The letters and colors come from the vibe we feel when we paint here. The character expresses the frustration that folks have in the struggle for a good life, a better life.”


Standing in front of another collaboration. Photo © Raphael Gonzalez