Globalization by Icy and Sot

A beautiful new mural by the Iranian brothers Icy And Sot at the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, New York City. The brothers have been collaborating for many years on works with powerful political and social commentary.

Their feelings on working together, as featured in the upcoming book 2Create – Art Collaborations in New York City:

Icy: “Sometimes, I come up with an idea and when I tell it to him he’s not surprised because he just thought of the same idea. It’s amazing like that. Our thoughts and ideas are one. It’s a very powerful and positive experience.”

Sot: “Honestly, I don’t even see my brother and I as “collaborating”. Being a duo is easier on many levels. The process is just different. We benefit from each other’s different points of view and our initial concepts are always improved throughout the process.”